Business Outline and Strategy

Since its establishment, our company has consistently operated the "MS Agent" recruiting business for corporate administrative positions and professional positions in the business management field. In May 2020, in addition to the above, we launched the beta version of our new direct recruiting site "MS Jobs", and as of March 2021, the number of jobs posted on the site had grown to over 1,500. In the future, in addition to the growth of "MS Agent," the recruitment business we have been developing, we will continue to develop systems and services that link with "MS Jobs" and pursue services that meet the various human resource needs of the administrative and professional sectors.

Next, as a strategy to develop media that can be used not only when changing jobs, but also on a daily basis by professionals in the field of corporate administration and business management, and to enclose registered users, we have continued to disseminate information as media for professionals and corporate administration departments, "Manegy," which was launched in March 2017, by distributing various news and article advertisements. In addition, in August 2020, we officially released "Manegy toB," a service that enables comparative study of various services used by administrative departments on a daily basis, and the number of services listed on the site exceeded 160 as of March 2021, realizing the expansion of revenue.

Also, in February 2021, the Company  established a new CVC fund, which will invest in a wide range of companies developing new technologies and services in the area of business management, as well as companies with cutting-edge technologies with potential future applications, and support their growth through people (placement), information (media), and funds (CVC fund). We hope to achieve discontinuous growth through synergy.

In this way, we have been developing "MS Agent" and "MS Jobs" for job change and recruitment, "Manegy" for information gathering, and "Manegy toB" for marketing support for related services in the field of administrative departments and business management for professionals in the corporate sector. In the future, we plan to further grow these services. In the future, we will not only continue to grow our various services, but also actively develop new businesses as a BtoB platform for administrative departments and professionals.