Business Outline


Recruitment Agency Service for business administration positions and professionals.(Accountings, Finances, Law, General affairs, Human resources, CPA, attorney, tax accountants etc..)


Direct Recruitment Service for the same domain as MS Agent.

Connects Candidate and Client directly.


Informative Website for people who work at the same domain above.

The Web site is not for job seeking or recruiting, but an internet media for gathering information about their daily work.

Our Recruitment Agency Business “MS Agent”

Our Direct Recruitment Business “MS Jobs”

Our Internet Media Business “Manegy”

Our Strengths

34 years of experiences in the domain

We have been running the business in this domain for 34 years. We have established a strong position in the market and a knowledge of marketing methods against the candidate and clients in Japan. We believe that we are the best company in this domain in the country.


Original huge database

We possess our original database of candidates and clients in recruitment service and also in the internet media service and these are our core competence. This database is the key of our continuous growth and a core asset to expand our business.


Opportunity of business expansion

We have a huge business potential by leveraging the database and we are full of opportunities to launch a new business in addition to the recruitment and the media businesses. Our target is to be the best company on a global stage in this domain.

Our Mission

Creating the world‘s best corporate management platform. 

Our Recruitment service “MS Agent” & “MS Jobs”, are willing to maximize the candidate’s fulfillment of work, and accelerating client’s growth through them. And “Manegy”,  aims to be an informative web site to make their work more efficient and effective. Furthermore, we are looking forward to expand our business and  become a global platformer in this domain.


Make a world in which corporate management becomes more efficient and effective. 

We believe that corporate management can be much more effective and efficient than the way it is now, and there are a lot of issues to resolve. In some countries, it might be a lack of candidate’s skills or problems in hiring, or it might be a problem of technology. Through our business, we hope to solve such problems globally and make the worlds economy better by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of business management.